Americans for Constitutional Government

Americans for Constitutional Government

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Welcome home to ACG

Standing strong since our founding in 1962, ACG is a non-partisan civic study and action organization located in Greenville, SC.  

ACG is the oldest constitutional conservative group in the Upstate area.  We exist for the education and activation of citizens, to defend our God-given rights and advance the Founders' vision for our country.  

Join us in fueling the torch of liberty and passing it on to future generations of Americans.

R. Josiah Magnuson, ACG Director

Phone: 864-420-7933


Email: [email protected]

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Defend God-Given Rights.  Advance the Founders' Vision.


ACG hosts monthly meetings with respected speakers to inform and inspire citizens in our area. These meetings are held the fourth Monday of every month at 10am at the Symmes Library on Pelham Road. The public is invited.


Our group actively supports

local and state efforts to reclaim our Constitutional rights and God-given heritage. Our members can often be seen at the SC State House and at their local County and City Council chambers.


ACG seeks to pass the torch to the next generation.  One way we are doing so is by hosting a monthly Constitution Club targeted for kids and young folks each first Saturday night.  Starting in the fall we would like to expand this important effort.

Rally for the Protection of Marriage - Feb. 28 at 3pm

Join SC Rep. Bill Chumley, Lt. Col. (Ret.) E. Ray Moore, and other liberty leaders at the State House steps at 3pm this Saturday, February 28, to show our support for traditional marriage.

South Carolina has the right and duty not to recognize same-sex "marriage" even if Federal courts have an opinion otherwise.  The battle isn't over!

First, there is no authority over marriage given to the United States.  Marriage is not a right protected by our Constitution - it is an issue our Founders wholly left to the state and community levels. 

Second, a Federal court does not have jurisdiction to compel state agents to act.  No officer of South Carolina can be forced to recognize a gay or lesbian marriage. 

Third, even if Federal courts had the rightful power to change human law on this issue, there is a higher law.  The state of South Carolina must refuse to enforce any action that violates the Laws of Nature and Nature's God.

Rep. Chumley's bill, H3022, would disqualify any judge from office who issues a same-sex marriage license, under the legislature's authority to do so vested in Article 5, Section 19 of the SC State Constitution.

Our state has the decision before us whether or not to implement homosexual ideology.  We need to make the right choice.  But the legislature won't see the need unless you show up.

Yes, I'll join the fight to defend marriage in SC!

I plan to attend the rally on Saturday.

ACG leads the fight to Nullify Obamacare!

Looking to share your principled views?

Americans for Constitutional Government is currently scheduling speakers for our monthly meetings.  If you would like to share your perspective on an issue of constitutional importance, and have a plan to take action on that issue, ACG would love to hear from you.

Our members are informed and engaged and can provide valuable feedback as well as support for a worthy cause.  If you are interested in speaking for our group, please contact us

Note: Americans for Constitutional Government is a politically-unaffiliated educational organization and does not endorse candidates for office.